‎2NE1 MTV Iggy Concert in New York!!

‎2NE1 MTV Iggy Concert in New York!!
On December 12th, 2NE1 will take over the place known as the “crossroads of the world” and the “center of the universe” — Times Square in New York City. Isn’t it the best holiday present ever?

Vote for YG Artistes

This is a FASTER WAY to VOTE for 2ne1 and Bigbang in A DAY!

1. Go to 10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/

you can get a email address which is only available in 10 minutes (dont close the tab)

2. use that email address to sign up in MAMA


3. go back to 10minutemail, scroll down and wait for the mail sent by MAMA

4. Follow the link on the mail and enter the confirmation code. then proceed to account.

5. VOTE for our YG Babies!

6. since only the email address will expire and you have already created a valid MNET account, copy the email address that you get from 10minutemail in a notepad and USE IT EVERYDAY to VOTE . :)